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Public Gardens Design and Redevelopment

Nature has many ways of communicating with humans and public gardens are one of the simplest forms to experience the tranquillity of nature. HKS offers multiple solutions balancing safety and richness of natural heritage with aesthetics and sustainability. A Public Garden alludes to the serene character of Mother Nature, connecting human mind with the soul.

As one goes into the park, there should be a good accessibility through the park. A good designer takes into consideration the below points

• A well-defined avenue.

• Garden benches and utility furniture along the pathways.

• Food shelters and food joints at defined intervals.

Since gardens are an integral part of every Zoo, HKS has a team of highly qualified landscape architects who work hard to synergize natural available topography with planned activities in garden. In true sense we work on “bringing man closer to nature”.

Our projects preserve beauty of public gardens, fostering the spirit of neighbourhood with eco-friendly products and services. Legacy of public gardens remains fresh and rejuvenating with professional assistance of HKS. Impact of our customized service enables clients to comprehend diverse objectives effectively.

You can check out the picture gallery below for more information:

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