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Landscape Architectural Services
HKS has pioneered the unique art of bringing versatile landscape architecture solutions to you. We cater to multiple disciplines offering the highest level of services. Our projects include rebuilding of current architecture properties and creation of the sparkling new landscape designs.

The end results of our jobs speak volumes about relentless efforts of our architects. Our landscape solutions are mixture of effective planning and timely executions. We deliver enduring landscape variety with suggestive durable spaces. Our refreshing landscape designs incorporate with cost-effective civil engineering—serving the needs of contemporary and urban patterns to satisfy diverse dimensions.

Our proficient expert landscape designer understands ground level nature of soil, wind and light to provide safe and reliable landscape architecture services. He uses the basic concepts of landscape design, viz., colour, form, line, scale and texture to combine the aesthetic, practical, horticultural and sustainable components into his vision for the area.

We provide landscape designing services for private and public spaces, themed gardens, zoo exhibits, entrances or welcome areas, recreational spaces, playgrounds, parks, etc. Our landscape architect is a multi-disciplinarian and he uses the depth of his knowledge in horticulture, geography, architecture, fine arts and ecology to provide solutions to your landscaping needs.

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